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ADS5 at RCA Show 2012 and ‘Between the A12 and River Lea’ exhibition.

It has been a great first year teaching MA/diploma studio at the Royal College of Art with Justin Lau and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui. The (rather out of date) studio blog is at http://ads5.wordpress.com/

Particular congratulations to final year students Jack Wates, Joseph Deane (who will represent the RCA in the RIBA Silver medal awards) and Emma Emerson (who was awarded the NLA prize by Peter Murray).

The work is on show at the RCA Show 2012 until July 2nd, and at the exhibition ‘Between the A12 and River Lea‘ at Assemble’s studios, which is open until July 8th as a part of the London Festival of Architecture.


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Gregory Bateson – An Ecology of Mind documentary film

I am co-organising (with Kevin Power (Centre for Action Research, Ashridge Business School) and Wallace Heim) the London premier of:

An Ecology of Mind: A Film by Nora Bateson
Monday 27 February 2012, 18:30-22:00 pm
Old Cinema, University of Westminster, 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2UW

Tickets: £9.50; £3.50 (student/unwaged/Westminster staff)
Book your ticket from: http://anecologyofmindlondon.eventbrite.co.uk/

The Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture (IMCC) at the University of Westminster is proud to host the London premier of Nora Bateson’s An Ecology of Mind: A Daughter’s Portrait of Gregory Bateson. The screening will be followed by an interdisciplinary panel and audience discussion with Nora Bateson, and will end with a wine reception in the Regent Street foyer.

Panel with Nora Bateson; Iain Boal (Birkbeck College); Jody Boehnert (Brighton University); Ranulph Glanville (American Society for Cybernetics); Peter Reason (Action Research); and Wendy Wheeler (London Metropolitan University). Chaired by Jon Goodbun (IMCC and Architecture, Westminster)

“Tell me a story” … of life, art and science, of systems and survival. Gregory Bateson’s way of thinking – seeing the world as relationships, connections and patterns – continues to influence and provoke new thinking about human social life, about ecology, technology, art, design and health. Nora Bateson, Gregory’s youngest daughter, introduces Bateson’s ideas to new audiences in her film An Ecology of Mind, using the metaphor of a relationship between father and daughter, and footage of Bateson’s talks.

There are several other screenings around the country – see www.anecologyofmind.com Each screening, too, hosts a discussion between Nora and a wide range of people working in depth with Bateson’s ideas: artists, architects, action researchers, ecological activists, mental health practitioners, scientists, urban designers, cyberneticians. These screenings and discussions intend to show a way of thinking that crosses fields of knowledge and experience, one that can lead out of the ecological crisis and towards a more sound way of living.

Awards for the film:
Gold for Best Documentary, Spokane International Film Festival, 2011
Audience Award Winner, Best Documentary, Santa Cruz Film Festival, 2011
Winner, Media Ecology Association, John Culkin Award for Outstanding Praxis, 2011

Event organised by Jon Goodbun (Westminster), Wallace Heim, Kevin Power (Centre for Action Research, Ashridge Business School) and Eva Bakkeslett

To book a ticket go to: http://anecologyofmindlondon.eventbrite.co.uk/

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Really impressive work and presentations by the first cohort from the Masters in Design for Performance & Interaction. Congratulations to @ruairiglynn and all at the @interactivearchitecturelab
@cookingsections seminar with @ea_rca earlier
I both much appreciated but was troubled by Metahaven’s ‘Possessed’ at ICA earlier. I had to ask a question regarding the position given to Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek over the flattened babel of contemporary digital visual spacetimes... were they given the privileged meta-voice (of external white male gods - clearly yes), and/or were they (inadvertently?) being presented as yet another symptom to be documented...only a dialectical acknowledgement and suspension of both readings will do...(which the artists seemed to agree with..)
Opened a box and found my 16yr old self inside... a 1986 copy of Militant.. an organisation I was working part-time for back then (and a crucial education... reading Hegel with bus drivers etc :) ), Straight No Chaser - a Blue Note mix tape from the NME, a bootleg tape of the last gig by The Jam, and something from the Happy Mondays... (though that was later 80s?)...
A fine afternoon watching Clapton CFC for first time at the Stray Dog (otherwise known as Wadham Lodge.. in fact where we use to have football training for Eton Manor back as a teenager.) They were unlucky to lose 1-3 to the Romanian Londoners, FC Star.
Oh blimey just found my thesis from the MSc Computing and Design at the UEL CECA (Centre for Evolutionary Computing in Architecture) with Paul Coates and John Bell... this must be 1997? .. Topological Manifolds and Multi-Perspectival Space: Haptic Visuality and the Continuous point of view :) .... ‘to enquire how spatial-geometric paradigms have been instrumental in the construction of epistemologies and the shoring up of certain notions of subjectivity, according to various technologies of power, and to examine the possibilities of animating other spatial-geometric traditions that have been continuously marginalised’.... as a dual reading of my undergrad HT tutor Robin Evans with D+G!! I’m kind of back where I started....


rheomode is the research lbase of Dr Jon Goodbun

I have a background in architectural theory, design research and practice, which over the last two decades has focused ever more on environmental and ecological research and practice, and what this means for how we think about space. or spacetime, as a semiotic mediating field of material, biological and mental worlds. This has led me to work with ideas and thinkers who present challenges to some of the very premises of modern science, and the divisions between both the natural, social and political sciences, and between the sciences and humanities… divisions which are the legacy of western enlightenment thinking. I have pursued this work both in mainstream academic institutions such as the RCA, but also non-orthodox institutions such as Schumacher College, the Pari Institute and Burning Man, as well as in activist political arenas, and a series of independent educational and research initiatives.



You can reach me:
jcgoodbun (a) mac.com

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