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Current Research

I am currently in the process of submitting a PhD at the University of Westminster (supervisors are Murray Fraser and David Cunningham), entitled, ‘Architecture and Cybernetics: A Critical Ecology of Extended Mind’ – or something similar.

I am a member of the recently started EU HERA funded SCIBE (Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment) research project.

I have started work on a book on critical and eccentric systems thinking (research supported by a grant from the University of Westminster), based upon a series of interviews with key thinkers. I will post excerpts from the interviews already completed (F. David Peat, Robert Pepperell, Stuart Hameroff, Tony Brown, Paulo Soleri and various Arcosantians (with Karin Jaschke).

I am planning an exhibition that follows from my PhD research (called something like rheomode, ecological aesthetics, ecology of mind), looking at process philosophy, ecology, spatial cognitive mapping and empathy theory.



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