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Sketch of an initial socialist response to coronavirus

Posted on Twitter and Facebook 15.3.20


1. We need to socially distance whilst building solidarity and distribution networks to suppress first peak within hospital resource limits,

2. We should now be building emergency hospitals, ventilators and ICUs to deal with a second peak, as there will be second and third peaks eveywhere anyway… the point is to supress first wave then go into massive manufacturing of resources once the first wave is defeated,

3. We need to take the IP rights of this technology away from private companies and into public ownership and share free of charge around the planet,

4. Set up international research and manufacturing structures into anti-viral biotech… eg drawing upon Cuba’s world-leading research… capitalism can’t do this…

5. Europe can potentially lead on this because of remnants of social democracy… the USA is utterly fucked because of the lack of the most basic healthcare structures… it’ll be carnage there… very worried about the UK because of the high levels of infantalisation… eg now witness loo roll shortages!! In UK and USA we will see a ‘disaster capitalism’ version of above based upon directing huge amounts of public money to private companies to supply resources, prioritising privileged groups and culling the poor, sparking huge social unrest and then violent state suppression.


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